Please read carefully before applying!

Guidelines & Restrictions

What is the Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation (KATLC)?

KATLC is a program funded by both private and public money to assist Kentuckians with disabilities to obtain assistive technology to improve their independence or quality of life. The KATLC Board of Directors manages the program.

Who can apply for a loan?

Eligible individuals are residents of the state of Kentucky for at least six consecutive months, who either have a disability that permanently affects a major life activity, or is a parent/guardian of an individual with a disability and have the ability to repay the loan. The purpose of the loan must be to purchase assistive technology to be used by the individual with a disability.

What can I borrow money for?

Assistive technology is defined as "any item, piece of equipment or device that enables an individual with a disability to improve his or her independence and quality of life." Examples may include hearing aids, computers, augmentative communication devices, home modifications, and van lifts. If you are not sure if the item you need qualifies under the program’s guidelines, please ask.

How much money can I borrow and for how long?

The minimum amount you can borrow is $500 and the maximum amount is $50,000 except that the maximum amount you can borrow for home modifications is $15,000.  The length of the loan is determined by the life expectancy of the assistive technology.

What if my credit record is poor, I don't have a job, or I receive funds from many sources?

KATLC, working in conjunction with our financial partner, is able to approve more loans than traditional loan programs because of our more lenient guidelines.

How are loan decisions made?

KATLC initially determines eligibility based on disability and assistive technology.  It then reviews financial information provided by the financial partner before deciding whether to approve the loan or not.  Customers will be notified within four to five business days whether the loan has been approved or denied. Not all loans are approved.